Shihui Guo

Writing and Implementation --- When You Should Start Writing a Paper?

When you are a PhD student (as I am now), perhaps one of the greatest achievements is to get your paper accepted to a top conference/journal, for example Siggraph in the community of computer graphics. This takes a lot of time and efforts to implement your idea, make your demo and write the paper. So my problem is when should we start writing a paper?

Most people may work in this way, start writing until the implementation is fully satsifactory. To be honest, this process is quite painful and lengthy. Sometimes your method just doesn’t work out, which may lead to a waste of efforts.


Today I attended a talk given by Steve Lin from MSRA, as part of a satelite program for Siggraph Asia 2014. He gives some good suggestions on how to write a good paper. Here I would share my personal experiences in writing a paper, together with his good practices. The proposed workflow is to do implementation and writing in parallel:


However, some hidden messages here are:

Another good point from Lin: when you got a good idea, write it down as an abstract, concise but informative.

Hope this could help some of you.